“Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement; then it becomes a mistress, and then it becomes a master, and then a tyrant…”  This quote by Winston Churchill is as true today as when he first wrote it in the 20th century.                                                                                                jbgraham_banner_3The idea of a story is the easy part, but then it can become demanding and overwhelming.           This is where I as your coach can trail blaze your path for you. Here’s how I can help you:

  • Assess what you’ve written so far or help you get your project under way.
  • Walk you through the writing process and show you tools for content development.
  • Show you how to sort your work into themes leading to your outline.
  • Help you to develop and keep to a writing schedule.
  • Hold you accountable to submitting your work at a specific time.
  • Meet for conferences in person (where possible) or through Skype, Facetime (or similar) to monitor progress and fine tune goals.
  • Guide you through the revising and re-writing phase to readying the manuscript for editing and ultimately publishing.

Contact us to discuss a coaching plan to suit your needs.


As a writing coach, Jennifer offers feedback in a way that is helpful and encouraging without making the writer feel negative about her/his efforts. She provides suggestions and ideas that are relevant and valuable. Her personality is fun, positive and professional, making her a pleasure to work with.     Lori Sullivan

Jennifer’s encouragement and enthusiasm was a great catalyst to nudging me forward with my writing goals. Her quiet style of motivation guided me through the writing process while she firmly held me accountable with interesting and inspiring assignments. It has been a pleasure to work with Jennifer and I look forward to continuing this beneficial relationship. – Lynda Rickard

Having participated in group sessions facilitated by Jennifer, I can attest to her skills as a writing coach! She brings literary insight to any project, regardless of the genre or writer’s skill level, as demonstrated in her group work. She manages to hold participants accountable to the tasks at hand, while encouraging their progress. This takes a fine balance of expertise, experience, and empathy. She is a good listener and I’ve learned a great deal from her flair for writing. I am in good hands with Jennifer as I aspire to produce my finished work in the not too distant future. – Christine Jacobs

Jennifer has given me the nudge and tools I needed to get moving. Her guidance has inspired me to brush away the cobwebs from my brain bank and get writing! Her comments are positive and honest. Her suggestions are made with dignity and respect for the writer’s voice. This is something I appreciate as a fledgling writer. Jennifer is, in my opinion, an excellent instructor. – Cheryl Gilchrist

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